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Digital media. Paid content. The movie and entertainment business. There’s a lot going on. Here’s some of the more interesting news and opinion we’ve found.

IPTV to drive VOD business models?

Source: Advanced-Television.com -- 2 July 2007
IPTV operators are in a strong position to drive the evolution of VOD business models, according to a study by Pyramid Research. As the latest entrants to the pay-TV market, IPTV operators are pursuing the VOD opportunity aggressively and are increasingly banking on VOD to enhance the TV experience.

Television Asia's Executive News

Source: Television Asia's Executive News -- 21 May 2007
1.China key for Zee TV
2.US$3.5 billion deal for 75% of Endemol NV
3.imbX2007 takes on Digital Convergence
4.Viacom and Septeni launch free mobile site in Japan
5.Oprah switches to Hallmark in Asia as Star World welcomes The May Lee Show
6.Eddie McGuire vacates CEO job at Nine Network

Video on demand will be a 'must have' for telcos, says Ovum

Source: Ovum -- 16 May 2007
Video on demand (VoD) revenues will reach $12.7 billion worldwide in 2011, making it one of the fastest-growing digital content services over the forecast period, predicts Ovum, the analyst and consulting company. Starting from a base of $2.7 billion in 2007, Ovum expects to see more telcos across the globe launching their on-demand content propositions, moving themselves into content distribution.

NCTA: Cable “Just Scratching Surface” of VOD

Source: By Mark Robichaux -- Broadcasting & Cable, 5/7/2007 3:15:00 PM
The nation’s largest cable operators say they are “just scratching the surface” of video-on-demand and promised to offer a cavalcade of new products to allow viewers more control over their TV schedule.

New Australian VOD Service VOLT Challanges BitTorrent, Current VOD Providers

Source: Hitwise | 24 April 2007
The recent launch of Anytime on VOLT, a video-on-demand service from Anytime and Fairfax Digital grabbed the attention of Australian Internet users.

European IPTV market booms - Subscriber total to double in 2007

Source: Variety | 04 April 2007
LONDON — The European market for IPTV will double in 2007, according to media analysts Screen Digest.

Australian carriers, content providers combine for VoD service

Source: Comm Days | 29 March 2007
iiNet, Intel and Pipe Networks have teamed with video on-demand player Anytime and Fairfax Digital, to launch an on demand service branded Volt. Volt will deliver films, TV, music and premium game content leveraging Anytime's existing relationships Sony, Universal, Warner Bros., ICON and Becker.

Fairfax iiNet in VoD move

Source: Computer Daily News | 29 March 2007
PERTH - Perth ISP iiNet yesterday put the final gloss on a stellar week when it announced a video-on-demand agreement with Fairfax Digital and Singapore's Anytime group.

Slow speed no barrier to entry

Source: The Australian Financial Review | 29 March 2007
A new partnership has entered the crowded home entertainment space with a movie download service.
Singapore-based ANYTIME teamed up with online news and classified provider Fairfax Digital and internet service provided iiNet to launch the service, which will deliver movies over the internet.

Fairfax Media turns revenue spotlight to movies via internet

Source: The Age | 29 March 2007
FAIRFAX Media's internet division has signalled its intention to end its reliance on news and classifieds-related revenue by launching a paid movie-download service.

Fairfax looks to bigger picture

Source: SMH | 29 March 2007
FAIRFAX Media is getting into the movie business, with the expected launch today of a new video-on-demand service in partnership with Singapore company Anytime.

Fairfax bets on online video

Source: The Australian | 29 March 2007
FAIRFAX Media has inked an alliance with Macquarie Bank-backed online video provider Anytime, but rivals believe widespread adoption of the technology is five years away.

Gates predicts internet will revolutionise TV

Source: The Age | 29 March 2007
The internet is set to revolutionise television within five years, due to an explosion of online video content and the merging of PCs and TV sets, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said.

38% using VOD by 2011

Source: Joanne Oatts, Digital Spy | 12 January 2007
Research out today shows that by 2011, 435 million homes around the world will be using video-on-demand or near-video-on-demand services.

Online Video Sales to Reach $1.5 Billion in 2007

Source: STRATEGY ANALYTICS | 18 December 2006
Boston, MA - December 13, 2006 - Online sales of TV shows, movies and other prerecorded video will become a billion-dollar business in 2007, predicts a new report from technology research firm Strategy Analytics.

VOD spend to lag DVD…even a decade from now

Source: CED Magazine | 12 December 2006
Although most recent forecasts and reports point to a VOD revenue and usage growth spurt, the category remains - and will continue to remain - in the rear view mirror of the DVD for quite some time.

ANYTIME aims for IPO late next year

Source: Media Interview with Fredrick Yeung, South China Morning Post | 7 November 2006
ANYTIME, a Singapore-based video-on-demand television channel whose investors include Macquarie Bank Group and Warner Brothers, aims to sell shares to the public by December next year, the management says.

IPTV potentially new growth area for SingTel

Source: Johnson Choo, Channel NewsAsia | 8 November 2006
SINGAPORE: SingTel says it sees internet-protocol TV (IPTV) as a potential new growth area for the company.
The comment came one day after the telco said it had applied for a commercial Pay TV licence in Singapore and was seeking rights to broadcast the English Premier League.

IPTV/VoD: The world that's on its way
  Source: Alexander Cameron, Digital TX Ltd | 05 Nov 2006
Industry comment One of the most common questions operators and analysts are asked is whether IPTV will happen, and if it does, whether if will deliver its promise.
The 'Anytime, Anywhere' Online TV Trend
  Source: Commerce Times | 28 October 2006
One out of every 10 online consumers is watching television shows on a computer, according to a report released Wednesday.
Assuring Quality of Experience for IPTV
  Source: Xchange online | 27 October 2006
IP television has emerged as a key value proposition and differentiator for telecommunication service providers in the ever-growing competition with cable and satellite operators for delivery of triple-play services.
Set-top box vs the PC
  Source: Telecomasia | 6 September 2006
Telcos making plans for video services are already aware that there will be more to IPTV than the TV bit, as the set-top box (STB) evolves from an interface for channel-surfing to a gateway for value-added services, from interactive channels and shopping to DVRs and home networking hubs that can distribute IPTV services anywhere in the home.
AOL, Intel Deliver On-Demand Video Entertainment to Intel® Viiv™ Technology-Based PCs
  Source: HanKyung.com | 19 September 2006
Combining the powerful capabilities of the PC with the familiar face of TV, AOL and Intel Corporation today launched the AOL Video service for Intel? Viiv™ technology-based PCs with a goal to create the ultimate on-demand entertainment experience.
VOD market tipped to near $13bn
  Source: Advanced-Television.com Daily News | 15 September 2006
Taking into account the arrival of such heavyweights as Apple and Amazon.com into the Video-on-Demand (VOD) market, iSuppli Corp. is predicting the global VOD market will grow to nearly $13 billion by the year 2010.
VOD Market expected to reach $13 Billion by 2010
  Source: Digital Home - Toronto,Toronto Ontario,Canada | 13 September 2006
Video on Demand (VOD) is a generic term traditionally used to define a pay-per-view cable television service in which a viewer can order a television program ...
Latens Extends Its Lead In Software-Based CA
  Source: broadcastbuyer.tv - London,UK | 13 September 2006
... of secured video services, including Pay-TV, high-definition (HD), personal-video-recording (PVR), video-on-demand (VOD) and subscription video-on-demand (SVOD ...
Video-on-demand market to grow to nearly US$13 billion by 2010 ...
  Source: DigiTimes - Taiwan | 13 September 2006
Amid news of technology heavyweights, such as Apple Computer and Amazon.com, lining up their resources to address the Video-on-Demand (VOD) market, iSuppli is ...
Amazon to offer movie downloading service
  Source: The Straits Times, Digital Life | 12 September 2006
Amazon.com unveiled last week a widely anticipated Internet service offering movies and TV shows that can be downloaded to PCs, solidly moving the online retailer into the nascent market.
Intel buys into Anytime in S’pore
  Source: The Business Times | 24 August 2006
In a sign that video-on-demand over the Internet, as well as IPTV (Internet protocol TV), is coming of age, the world's biggest chip maker, Intel Corp, has bought a significant stake in a Singapore-based entertainment company, Anytime Pte Ltd.
Intel invests in Anytime to push Viiv in Asia Pacific
  Source: iTWire Australia | 27 August 2006
Intel Capital has invested in Asian VoD content provider, Anytime, and intends to use the Anytime services to promote its Viiv brand for PCs designed for home digital entertainment.
Telcos queuing as Intel adds backing for Anytime
  Source: Communications Day | 25 August 2006
Anticipating a flood of operator requests for its movie download service, Anytime on-Demand is set to launch a direct retail consumer pitch across Asia Pacific in a strategic investment by Intel Capital.
Anytime set for A-P expansion
  Source: Advanced Television | 25 August 2006
Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of Intel Corporation, has secured investment in Asia Pacific VoD service Anytime, a move that will accelerate the availability of on-demand entertainment to homes via the Internet.
Anytime Secures Financing, Preps New Broadband Platform
  Source: World Screen | 24 August 2006
Intel Capital’s investment in Asian on-demand channel Anytime paves the way to the launch of Anytime TV, an on-demand broadband platform that delivers Hollywood movies, TV shows, games and music videos straight to homes across Asia Pacific.
IPTV may boost SingTel's fight against StarHub triple play
  Source: The Business Times | 30 August 2006
A NEW report on the Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) market says that if SingTel launches its own IPTV services, it will allow the telco to better compete against StarHub's aggressive triple-play strategy of offering pay TV, broadband as well as mobile services to customers here.
Demand for digital TV content seen surging
  Source: INQ7 | 2 August 2006
DEMAND for digital TV content is expected to surge, and whoever can best provide Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) will dominate the market, an official of router specialist Juniper Networks Ltd. said.
Plotting the future of broadband
  Source: The Sydney Morning Herald | 31 July 2006
By the year 2010, most Australians should have access to high-speed broadband connections of 10 megabits per second or more, enabling them to download high-definition video content, said Australia's national internet industry body.
Reprogramming television
  Source: Bangkokpost | 26 July 2006
Television delivered over the Internet promises a more interactive experience GenxAcademy managing director Pongprom Snitwong Na Ayudhaya checks his computer at a Genxchannel station at PALA and Install Asia 2006 last week at Siam Paragon, where Genxchannel IPTV was demonstrated.

DVD deal lets films go from Web to TV
  Source: Los Angeles Times | 19 July 2006
Hollywood studios will cross a significant technological and psychological frontier today when they offer the first downloadable movies that can be legally burned onto a DVD.
How will IPTV change TV viewing?
  Source: Indiatimes Infotech | 10 July 2006
Instead of being bombarded with over a 100 channels, you will get content that you opt to receive with a much richer experience.Additionally, people who were separated geographically can watch a movie together, while chatting and exchanging files simultaneously.
How to access Video-on-demand services
  Source: ITWeek | 04 July 2006
Video on demand (VOD) gives you access to a library of new and old programmes, movies and sporting events, all held on your digital TV provider’s network. You choose a programme using an on-screen menu, and watch at your leisure.
Broadcasters hope to copy the iTunes effect
  Source: Guardian Unlimited | 22 June 2006
The new market for video downloads is expected to take off within the year. Video-on-demand hopes to do for broadcasting what iTunes did for the record industry. In a VoD world, armchair viewers tap into a vast onscreen catalogue and download the film or TV programme of their choice, which can be stored on a hard drive or set-top box, burned on to a disc or rented.
PwC: Net to fuel industry
  Source: The Hollywood Reporter.com | 21 June 2006
Online ads, access spending lead 6.6% growth to '10. NEW YORK -- Led by surging growth in the online sector, global entertainment and media will expand into a $1.83 trillion industry in 2010, up from an estimated $1.33 trillion last year, making for a compound annual growth rate of 6.6%, according to an annual study from PricewaterhouseCoopers.
IPTV: Expanding the content, engaging the viewer
  Source: Indian Television Dot Com | 20 June 2006
SINGAPORE: Television broadcasting is now far more challenging than conventional terrestrial cable and satellite delivery. With the influx of multiple services and delivery platforms like HD, VOD, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), interactive and multimedia services, consumers are now exposed to a whole new world of entertainment!
India to hit top IPTV slot in Asia Pacific by 2015: Kagan Research
  Source: Indian Television Dot Com | 20 June 2006
SINGAPORE: So what if IPTV is still taking baby steps in India? Come 2015 and India is going to be the third most happening market for IPTV in the Asia Pacific region in terms of the number of households that will have the service, just behind China and Japan, according to projections by Kagan Research.
Consumers "prefer local telco for triple-play"
  Source: Advanced-Television.com | 15 June 2006
A study of more than 1,500 US pay-TV households regarding interest in TV and bundled services offered from their ‘local’ telephone provider has revealed that telcos are ahead of cable operators when it comes to a preferred bundled service provide.
BBC interactive World Cup scores early success
  Source: Advanced-Television.com | 15 June 2006
Almost two million viewers are reported to have accessed interactive satellite options watching BBC’s World Cup coverage on the Sky digital satellite platform over the first three days of the World Cup.
Can IPTV keep its promise? New study says yes
  Source: Reed Business Information | 14 June 2006
Forecasts for IPTV are enthusiastic, with $55 billion in revenue expected for the digital convergence of services and products in the IPTV space through 2010, according to a Deloitte TMT report. Meanwhile, Multimedia Research Group predicts there will be nearly 37 million IPTV subscribers by 2009. Other key findings of the NMRC report include: Online video interest is growing and the strongest market potential for IPTV is among younger consumers.
IPTV And WiMax To Have Huge Economic Impact, Panelists Predict
  Source: InformationWeek | 13 June 2006
By 2009, expect IPTV content from companies like GM and Wal-Mart, along with WiMax-ready laptops and mobile devices, panelists say.
Disney: VOD starting to impact rental
  Source: Video Business (subscription) | 13 June 2006
Increased video-on-demand offerings through cable companies and online are starting to cut into the video rental business, Walt Disney Co. senior VP and chief financial officer Tom Staggs told analysts at the Deutsche Bank Telecom and Media Conference Tuesday.
Studios Open VOD Window For Tie-ins
  Source: Brandweek Magazine, NY | 15 May 2006
For years, movie studios have pitched theatrical and DVD releases as opportunities for marketing tie-ins. Now, there's a new occasion: video-on-demand releases.
IPTV equipment, service revenue to soar
  Source: IT News Australia | 5 May 2006
Off to a relatively slow start of US$400 million in 2005, IPTV equipment sales are expected to roar ahead in the coming years, topping US$6 billion in 2009, Infonetics Research said Thursday.
Time Warner Grabs Big Q1 Profits, Cable Nets Miss The Mark
  Source: MediaPost Publications | 4 May 2006
TW Cable tallied a 17 percent EBITDA, with revenue rising 15 percent to $2.58 billion on greater demand for digital video, digital video recorder, digital telephone, and subscription video-on-demand services. Parsons told analysts the cable results prove that the "triple play" package of selling digital video, high-speed Internet, and telephone service is working.
Internet Video Gets  Boost from New  Technology
  Source: XTVWorld.com | 4 May 2006
Media convergence continues apace, as all forms of media combine to form one interrelated continuum. Content owners are increasingly opening the doors to their vast storehouses of digital content, generating a multitude of new audiences for startups and old media giants alike. Mainstream media moguls are finding fresh audiences for their movies and TV shows; players in participatory online communications are finding new venues for their messages. It’s all combining to form a Web-based Renaissance. In this innovative climate, Internet TV is one of the hottest new trends, driving the need for better compression technologies.
IPTV Pumping Energy Into Home Networking
  Source: IQ Online | 2 May 2006
In addition Heavy Reading believes that the sea change in home networking, driven by IPTV, will open up competition for vendors, leading to opportunities for silicon and system companies alike.
GM's Lazar: Cable Execs Need to Move to VOD, Broadband
  Source: MediaBuyerPlanner | 2 May 2006
General Motors' executive director of advertising and marketing operations Betsy Lazar warned attendees of the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureaus Cable Sales Management Conference - which began Sunday and wraps up today - that in order to stay abreast with consumers switching to digital media, planners and ad clients should change their course "with a great sense of urgency," writes MediaWeek.
What makes IPTV such a big deal?
  Source: IT Week | 1 May 2006
IPTV has the potential to offer users the ability to watch whatever they want, whenever they want, and by using 3G mobiles, wherever they want. The current interest in mobile TV trials indicates that this is how many people want to watch TV.
Comcast profit more than triples on gains, higher video demand
  Source: AFX News | 27 April 2006
CHICAGO (AFX) -- Comcast Corp. shares advanced Thursday after the largest U.S. cable television operator said its first-quarter profit more than tripled on investment gains and increased demand for digital video, broadband and phone services. Comcast earned $466 million, or 22 cents a share, compared with $143 million, or 6 cents, in the year-earlier quarter.
Upfront on Video On Demand
  Source: Multichannel News | 24 April 2006
In what was billed as the first upfront presentation to promote video on demand, Comcast Corp. executives made a case Friday that downloads are continuing to boom and it’s time for advertisers to exploit numerous opportunities to get involved.



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