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Fast Facts About Anytime

ANYTIME is the leading Video-on-Demand Channel over IPTV, Broadband and Digital Cable Networks in Asia . Being in partnership with five of Hollywood 's major studios as well as regional programming, ANYTIME has an extensive library of mega blockbusters movies for viewers - giving people what they want, when they want it. In addition, ANYTIME also provides TV and MUSIC content.

ANYTIME is headquartered in Singapore and has a management team that possesses world-class technical, production, programming and marketing expertise.

ANYTIME provides users with absolute flexibility, control and convenience. Available 24 hours a day, ANYTIME gives access to full screen, full motion video, CD quality sound and VCR functionality (allowing a user to pause, stop, rewind and fast forward) - on a PC or TV.

Content Owners
ANYTIME works with Twentieth Century Fox, Celestial Pictures, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, NBC Universal, Disney - ABC International Television (Asia Pacific) and Icon Film Distribution to deliver the best of Asian and International content. ANYTIME brings movie, music and television content owners incremental revenues from re-versioned content with competitive revenue share arrangements.

Affiliate Networks
ANYTIME partners with IPTV, Broadband and Digital Cable Networks to bring great content to their customers and subscribers in an on-Demand environment. ANYTIME'S Video-on-Demand Channel helps increase affiliate network's bottom-lines by reducing churn, raising ARPU and lowering customer acquisition costs.

ANYTIME can be launched on any chosen Interactive or VoD system in a matter of weeks after the signing of a carriage deal.

ANYTIME Presence
The ANYTIME Channel is currently available in Australia, China, India, Taiwan and Thailand . ANYTIME'S affiliates include Regional Internet Australia , TDMC and Buddy Broadband. For more details click here.


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