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ANYTIME Channel Licensing for Carriers

What is a Carrier?
IPTV services
Cable companies
Broadband ISPs
Content Portals

I'm a Carrier. Why should I consider ANYTIME?
ANYTIME makes it easy for you. It's a one-stop-shop for Video-on-Demand programming and promotion that will complement your overall content strategy and give you a competitive advantage over incumbent players.

ANYTIME is technology agnostic but familiar with all the key players so it can deploy a real turnkey solution to your chosen system (head-end, middle-ware, security, CA and STB solution), fast.

What sort of content can I expect from ANYTIME?
The largest library of Hollywood and Chinese movies anywhere courtesy of our content partners; 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Sony Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Disney - ABC International Television (Asia Pacific), Celestial Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Becker Entertainment and Icon Film Distribution, as well as Premium TV and music videos. No other service can match us for aggregated content. And we're adding more all the time.

What about localization, marketing, rights clearance?
All taken care of. Choose ANYTIME and you'll enjoy:
Fully programmed Video-on-Demand channels, 24/7
Localized, censored and subtitled versions of all programming
Full metadata - synopsis, cast, crew etc - for all programming
Customized preview (Barker) channels
Encoded materials with full trick play specific to carrier technology ready for ingestion
Full rights clearance with content providers, an established royalty, licensing and payment system as well as compliance with full technical requirements of content providers
Full marketing and promotional support including trailers, electronic press kits along with television and cinema advertisements tailored to Carrier requirements
Best practice user interface design
A generous revenue share remuneration model
Enormous potential to recruit and retain subscribers by reducing customer acquisition costs, increasing ARPU and reducing churn.

How well established is ANYTIME?
It's Asia Pacific's leading supplier of Video-on-Demand for IPTV, Broadband and Digital Cable Networks. With five major Hollywood studios on board and licensing into 15 territories across Asia Pacific, no one is bigger.

How would you sum up the ANYTIME advantage?
Received wisdom is that carriers shouldn't be too deep in the content business. There's a graveyard of deals to support this point of view. ANYTIME takes care of all aspects of premium content acquisition and marketing collaterals leaving you to concentrate on your core business of networking, carriage and billing.



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